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Source: Сointеlеgrаph

The hacker behind the $321 million wormhole bridge attack moved most of the stolen funds, and transaction data shows that $155 million worth of ether (ETH) was transferred to a decentralized exchange (DEX) on Jan. 23.

The wormhole hack was the third largest cryptocurrency hack in 2022 after the protocol token bridge was exploited on February 2, 2022, resulting in the loss of 120,000 Wrapped ETH (wETH) worth about $321 million.

According to the transaction history of the alleged hacker wallet address, the latest activity shows that 95,630 ETH was sent to the OpenOcean DEX exchange and then converted into ETH-pegged assets such as ETH Lido Finance (stETH) and WstETH (wstETH).

While continuing to dig into the history of transactions, members of the crypto community such as @spreekaway also highlighted that the hacker continued to make many strange transactions.

For example, a hacker used his stETH holdings as collateral to borrow 13 million worth of DAI stablecoin before exchanging it for more stETH, turning it back into stETH, and then borrowing some more DAI.

Notably, the Wormhole team took the opportunity to once again offer the hacker a $10 million reward if he returned all the funds, after he left an embedded message conveying this in transactions via Wormhole: Deployer.

Embedded Message: Etherscan

According to Dune Analytics, the hacker’s large ETH transaction had a direct impact on the price of stETH. The price of the asset fell from just below 0.9962 ETH on January 23rd to 1.0002 ETH the next day before dropping back to 0.9981 at the time of writing.

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As the wormhole hack is likely to draw more attention in light of the latest incident, blockchain security firms such as Ancilia, Inc. warned on Jan. sites that are actually phishing. operations.

The community has been warned to be careful what they click in connection with this term.

Source: Сointеlеgrаph

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